Granny’s Girls!

I did this session with six girls last Friday in our unbelievable HOT Louisiana weather but everyone was a great sport! These girls are cousins – and they’re just all SO pretty. I had shot their group last year as well (or was it two years ago, Lani?).

Kaye is the grandmother of all lil girls – They all call her Granny and that just brings wonderful warm feelings back for me since I called my mother’s mother Granny too. We had the same birthday as well!

I’m also really experimenting with some new actions and trying to get some cool looks. I love the last two – I like how the colors POP where the faces are, and it’s a bit smudgy on the outsides… darker…. I may do this for a career but I NEVER stop learning. I never stop trying new things. My clients CAN count on that!




More to come, of course………….


3 Responses to “Granny’s Girls!”

  1. your wife Says:

    WHAT!!! OH MY GOD!! these are UNIQUE and so beautiful OH WOW. i LOVER LOVE LVOE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you keep getting better and better, more creative and its getting to the point where i’m not recognizing your work anymore LOL šŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    You are right–we never stop learning. Life is a journey of learning!!

  3. tabitha Says:

    they are definitely unique. i love them. beautiful work! :}

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