Just some Tullier snaps….

Just a couple things……..

A series of me – I like how this turned out!


Here’s Sarah this late afternoon with my dinner in her hands. I am so grateful at least one of US knows how to cook a decent meal. The herb chicken and potatoes were a success – delicious!!IMG_0620a

Here’s the photo I had in mind to take for the Alzheimer’s Gala this Sunday! I finally got around to it – so now need to print it, frame it, and get it to my parents who keep hounding me for it. I did this specifically for the Alzheimer’s event. Come BID on it!!!!!!!AlzPhotoAuction

Here’s a snap Sarah shot of me on the bed with SoHo watching So You Think You Can Dance!IMG_0152a

Anyway – I love my house, my wife, my dog, my cat, my bed, my tv……. Life is what you make it, and this is what I’m making mine! Happy.


4 Responses to “Just some Tullier snaps….”

  1. erriiinnnn Says:

    haha @ soho– coco’s just the same!!! 😉

  2. your wife Says:

    thanks for choosing me to be your wife- i love life because of it.

  3. great stuff!

  4. lol beautiful pics.. they make your eyes just seem to shine 🙂
    I like the perspective your wife took. shows that even the professional can have down time and enjoy life 🙂

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