Kevin & Laura Stephan Wedding Portraits

I always love it when my bride and groom puts a good amount of time aside to do wedding portraits. It kind of sucks in when we just don’t have enough time to do this sort of shoot. Kevin and Laura did the opposite! We got to pull over en route to the country club onto this park grounds to do some shooting. We had a ball! Then once we got to the country club – they wanted to do even more – THAT is a photographer’s dream! I know it may feel like you’re taking away from the wedding celebration but really – photos are a lasting memory and with all the moolah you spend on me/the big day – it’s all worthwhile! Those few moments you “miss” at the reception are bound to be made up once the party starts! It’s all a matter of “in between” finances that I know some people can’t afford to do a cocktail hour, blah blah – but even an extra 15 minutes gives us a HUGE window to really get some awesome portraits down without all the guests/family around with the emotion high at it’s highest!

If you CAN – DO it. If not, at least throw in another 10-20 minutes aside without the family/friends distraction after the ceremony to do this sort of session. Also, you have to make sure and GIVE me permission to be agressive on making sure you DO get these sort of photos – because I HATE pushing buttons and over/and over/and over saying “Let’s do this… that…..” when I know you’re so overwhelmed with everything going on. Give me permission and I’ll be an extra amount of aggressive!

Check out these freakin’ awesome shots of the Philly couple – Kevin and Laura Stephan!





IMG_0292I think this is my favorite shot!









11 Responses to “Kevin & Laura Stephan Wedding Portraits”

  1. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Now these are the kind of wedding pictures I like : )

  2. your wife Says:


  3. Wow! great job! i got goosebumps! 🙂 such a beautiful couple, too!

  4. Xydnei Ellis Says:

    Your works is amazed! I love to look all of your works. I want you do mine in 2011, Hope we can meet and talk from there.

  5. becca boze Says:

    my favorites: first few [just divine]

  6. see that what i like about you and your work. 🙂
    You capture the moods the style and make the photo just stand out.
    I love your work!
    Do you ever come to Tennessee and do work?

  7. MOST beautiful couple EVER!!!!!!!

  8. tate, i dont know what to say here but your a truly amazing photographer! i love your work! it’s beautiful! 🙂

  9. Laura and Kevin Says:

    kev and i are getting married again next weekend for more picture… hope you can make it!!! 😉 LOVE EM!

  10. She looks familiar. Didn’t she go to Gallaudet?

  11. Yep, I went to Gallaudet from 2005-2007 for graduate school.

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