The Denley Gang!

I did Ashlie, James, Luke, & Gabe back in May around the house and we got some really great stuff! They’re a photogenic bunch!

Thanks guys for the business!!! Hard to believe it’ll be your one year anniversary this August already!



IMG_1512 copy



IMG_1541 copy

IMG_1552 copy


IMG_1611 copy




IMG_9723 copy

IMG_9736 copy

IMG_9764 copy

Thanks to Sarah for doing Ashlie’s hair/makeup!


8 Responses to “The Denley Gang!”

  1. your wife Says:

    this brought water to my eyes. i love that family & i am so proud of ash for all her accomplishments as a person, mother, wife & friend.

  2. i love them~ especially beautiful boys! I love luke and james were laughing.. it sure makes me feel so lucky to found great husband and father to my sons! it makes me tears…. thank you, Tate

  3. Kerri Clark Says:

    omg – I love those!!!! So happy for the Denley family! xoxoxo

  4. Whoa! I LOVE ’em! They’re absolutely beautiful–the people and the pictures! I’m sure they’ll treasure them forever.

  5. Love, LOVE these pics of my childhood friend and his family! Luke’s sun-kissed hair is GORGEOUS! Can’t believe he was a brunette when he was a baby! =D

  6. I love your pictures! So beautiful 😉

  7. I love ’em! They are absolutely beautiful!!! Rico and I are soo happy for Jamie!

  8. Beautiful picture of the family! — Luke gotten so big since last time i seen pic of him in diapers heh. — Glad things are going well for you ASH! 🙂

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