Mr. & Mrs. Coleman!

Tamijo & Jason’s wedding was a BLAST this past Sunday in Lake Elsinore. They both make a gorgeous couple, and everyone else at the wedding all just looked great! Afterwards, they hosted as post party at the hotel pool/hot tub and we had tons of fun! We did some “trash the dress” shots, and they jumped into the pool for a mini session!

I’m in the middle of editing Cynthia and Brent’s wedding so I better get to posting these photos, then getting back to work again.

Enjoy this preview! Thank you again to Tamijo & Jason, for hiring me to do your big day! Thank you to Derrick for dropping me off at the Ontario airport yesterday.






















13 Responses to “Mr. & Mrs. Coleman!”

  1. your wife Says:

    gorgeous, i LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!!! you always manage to make each wedding you do unique through your pics!

  2. LOVE the one of them in a pool. What a gorgeous couple!

  3. Katrina Says:

    omggg!! I must sayy this guy is sooo FINEEEE!!! and you did fantastic job Tate like always!!

  4. Arianne Says:

    Gosh!!!! YOU ROCKKKKKKK!!! Thanks for being a part of our special day xo

  5. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (screaming and dancing)

    you captured their moments of being in love!


  6. beautiful!!! u captured them perfectly!

  7. melmira Says:

    wow these pixes are sooooooo cool! gorgeeeeeous bride, and i love love love the trash the dress pixes! i still wanna do mine someday! 😉

  8. thats exaclty what i want for my future wedding! 🙂

  9. Juliana Apfel Says:

    DAMN! the pictures said it all! Wow, maybe i gotta ask u as my dad and his girlfriend’s photographer when their marriage is coming!! You are so gooooddddd at photographer

  10. Positively adore the 1st photo.

    ♥ Taylor ♥

  11. sweet! love EVERY shot you took! amazing… amazing…

  12. diana berrigan Says:

    it was greatt finally meeting you and watching you work! 🙂 hope to see you again someday soooon 🙂 hugs

  13. Tate, alll of this photos are amazing! I seriously can’t wait to see all the other photos as well!! Thanks for being such a great photographer and I hope you enjoyed your time there as well as taking photos! Hugs

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