I had a blast up in Faribault, Minnesota for the Sabrina/Steve wedding festivities. They’re definitely the MOST ACTIVE couple I’ve ever had to keep up with! Upon landing into Minnesota, I got a page saying “Paintball?!?” which I declined because I knew I was so worn out and just needed to chill back. I stayed with Lisa and Sonny Wasilowski the entire weekend (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!) and it was great seeing Gallaudet friends after a good while. That evening, I went “out” to Bashers/Spike with the bride and two of her bridesmaids – we had a ball. The next day was rehearsal, sand volleyball, rehearsal BBQ, Softball game, and more partying at the parksite. Saturday was the big day!!! From 11am to midnight – it was on the GO GO GO GO! We all had a blast and I really was pleasantly surprised with how unique their ceremony was. They are both BIG basketball fans and they incorporated the MSAD gym into it. Their Mistress of Ceremonies/Announcer did the introductions of the wedding party as if introducing the players before a basketball game. The scoreboard had 7-11 (home/guest) to represent their wedding date of July 11th! At the end, Steve had to do a layup at the basketball goal. It was absolutely charming!

Here are some random photos I edited quickly for a preview for S/S and y’all! Enjoy them. I’ll be crazy busy today till Wednesday working on June edits before taking off to Florida for Alyssa and Matt’s wedding on Thursday. CRRAAAZZYYY.





IMG_0550Sabrina, the bride, snapped this shot of me with the Tate Hall sign. It’s an old bulding on the school’s campgrounds, cool – huh?

IMG_0568First time Sabrina and Steve see one another (on the steps of TATE hall!)










IMG_2118Me with the wedding couple! (notice the words on the wall – LOL)


IMG_2172I loved their sense of humor – here’s them hanging at the end of the night, all DONE!




  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    i love the cake w rings- did they lick off the icing after? or did you? LOL

    i love the last pix?!

    and i cant believe how beautiful it was— in a GYM!!! wow…… i love the one of them and the wedding party…

    heck. i love ’em all.

  2. omg. i love these?!?!?!?!?

    love the 1 w the rings– did they lick off the icing after, or did you? LOL

    love the 1 w the wedding party and ’em…

    a gym.. i cant believe it- gorgeous!

    and omg, the last one, i LOVE it.

    heck. love ’em all!!!

    aw the 1 w the flowers in the locker, LOVE it.

  3. Wow love the uniqueness of where the wedding was held at! Love their sense of humor as well! And of course, your eye in capturing the neatest stuff! =)

  4. great preview and looking forward seeing what Sabrina and Steve will share with us all— FAB job you did!!!

  5. Are you KIDDING ME?!?! This is the coolest wedding EVER, and you absolutely did justice with the photos… AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂 You put their rings in a CUPCAKE… this is why I love your work!!! LOL!

  6. GORGEOUS — and the last picture? perfff.

  7. Lisa Marie Says:

    PERFECT!!! Love all those pictures You did! FAB job!

  8. I absolutely love these!!!!!!!! I love how you seem to capture the most special moments and turn them in to priceless memories 🙂

  9. total goosebumps looking @ the last pic!

  10. colleen farrell Says:

    wowww — getting married in gym is an unique idea really and i love the last shot? 😀

  11. WOW! Beautiful! I love the last shot. 🙂

  12. lol at the shot with the words in the back.. and the final shot is just priceless. beautiful man.

  13. Kerri Clark Says:

    They are great! You definitely made their characters shine – they are indeed FUN!!! I cannot imagine doing all these festivities in such a short time?!?!? They do have energy! (Think Karen Dietz Jackson!! Hehehe!)

    Loved the shots and glad you enjoyed the weekend!

  14. WOW…I truly loved all the photo work you did for Sabrina and Steve 🙂 Tate Hall was perfect one of my memories there in my ol’ days good job

  15. Chris Hoffman Says:

    1 Congratulations! Bob and I wish you all the best Your pictures are beautiful!

  16. Anna Virnig Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Simply awesome and perfect…you just captured the spirit!

    I toast a gin and tonic to your vodka and tonic~

  17. I love the idea of having it on the campus! I would totally wanna do that at LSD where rico & i met, for our wedding (bwahahaha) whenever it’ll be!

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