I am still madly in love with my old school look I’ve been applying to alot of my work. It is just absolutely dreamy to me!

Here are some shots from my shoot with The Raush family (Lani has hired me, what? 100 x’s already in the last few years and I am having so much fun documenting her family as they grow!). I love how the photos came out and we were all cringing because it was lightning, raining, etc outside but it actually cleared up right on the dot for our session! Perfect timing!!!!!

IMG_2244 copyallie

IMG_2252 copyemma

IMG_2296 copythe raush family!

Here’s a random set of shots I snapped of my wonderful wife, Sarah, while the Raush family was changing into their next outfits – I love them. I always start to take one, and she’s always game for a “serious weird pose” shot for me, then when she figures out I’m snapping away – she ALWAYS breaks out into that giggle fit. ALWAYS.




IMG_2267by the way, I prefer Sarah with a gap between her front two teeth.

4 Responses to “LOVIN’ OLD SCHOOL”

  1. mrs. charles clark Says:

    I looooooove them. ‘Enuff said.

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Oh I am loving the old school look too!! I love all of the pictures and Sarah always looks great : ).

  3. i love ’em too!!! and i LOL @ you liking my gap. at least i can go back and forth. thanks to my retainer.

  4. heidi zornes camacho Says:

    She is so beautiful. She looks like Jennifer Anniston in these pics. I love the old school look as well. GREAT PICS!!

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