I had posted a preview on this set last month, and I finally finished them! I absolutely love how they came out. It was MAD HOT on this day in Louisiana when we did this session – which means, kids have much less patience so we were snapping away catching all kinds of different things. I love, love catching kids in their own “mood” and this is definitely what we got!

This group shot is SO funny. This was towards the end of our group shot, and the grump started coming out – but I think that always makes fun memorable photos. Not to get a thrill out of miserable kids, but isn’t it CUTE?


Here are some individual captures of each grandchild – gorgeous girls!

IMG_7777 copy


IMG_7797IMG_7801 copy


IMG_7882 copy

I could survive on this particular set of family’s business! They hire me so often – THANK YOU SO MUCH, y’all!



  1. Kerri Clark Says:

    Gorgeous girls. Love them all!

  2. beautiful kids! ;D

  3. LOVE MY LITTLE GIRLS! Thanks Tate for photographing their real personalities…..

  4. TTP's wife Says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous!!! love the 1st one!!!

  5. oh these are absolutely great! i love the whole range of emotions!

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