Today I did two shoots – and my first being a session with the lovely twin sister duo of Heidi and Heather. I know Heidi from the deaf community here, and she’s the famous pregnant lady in the “pond” photo that was on my website for a good while.

Heidi since then has moved back to DC and is a counselor at Kendall. I met her twin sister, Heather and her family for the first time today. They are such a sweet bunch. We got some really awesome captures today and I just couldn’t resist but post a few edited ones.




IMG_3403 copy

Thanks y’all for the business!


3 Responses to “HEIDI & HEATHER”

  1. TTP's wife. Says:

    OMG these are unique!!!!!! i know i always say that but you always make each batch of shoots you do unique. i LOVE the one of the twins- i was like mirror? no.. twins OMG. and… i love the family pix of heathers fam.. and the last 1 of heidi and sebastian.. and LOL at the big glasses on the kid, LOVE it.

    and of course i love the 1st one- colors pop. thank god SoHo&NoLa’s fur hair doesn’t show on the floors… either you or I swept well, or thanks to photoshop, LOL.

    Good job baby!!!! i just love your work!!!!!

  2. oh i love these!!!! love the color how it just seems to pop 🙂
    and the babys eyes…. in love!
    If you are ever in Tn in the fall of 2010 I so want you to be my wedding photographer.
    Your photographs stand out so much more then most of the ones who just want the basic boring perfect photos.
    your photos have style and attitude 🙂

  3. Heather Cecchini Says:

    Thanks Tate. We had a blast. Cannot wait to see the rest! The one of my son, Santi with the glasses is so him!!!! You captured him perfectly !! Thanks! -heather

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