I got to do a photo session yesterday late afternoon with Brandi and her two boys! It was a quick session but when you just shoot and you know you hit the right shots – it can be fast, and yet still get some of the greatest shots ever! I graduated with Brandi from St. Amant High back in ’96 and hadn’t seen her in ages. She looks great!

Here’s a preview of her session yesterday.



IMG_3496 copy

IMG_3506 copy

IMG_3550 copy

Thanks Brandi, for the business!!!


6 Responses to “BRANDI’S TWO TYKES”

  1. her face looks so much like sarah jessica parker!

  2. Beautiful pictures

  3. wowww.. she reminds me of sarah jessica parker!!!!

  4. Love the pictures! Gorgeous!!!!

  5. Precious boys!

  6. Dareth Bonneval Waguespack Says:

    Tate, these pictures are priceless! Love them. I want to call you soon to capture a few pictures of my girls!

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