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Posted in change, tate tullier photography on July 23, 2009 by tatephoto

Ok – my stint with WordPress lasted less than a year, but I knew I needed to really push myself to get my own domain name and have a more posh blog to feature my work! I’m so excited to present my new one at its new home – TATEPHOTOBLOG!


I hope you continue to follow my work, and enjoy it too as well – this site will have categories (so if you want to see one area specifically, you can click on it), links, and more to come. This is all still in its beginner stages but I wanted to make a quick jump over so I could start getting word out and having my posted photos all in one place!

My main website is still at HTTP://WWW.TATETULLIER.COM.

Please leave comments on it and let me know how you like it, and how you are too – of course!

AGAIN – thank you so much for all the wonderful support. I am having so much fun with my career because of all of y’all.



Posted in change, tate tullier photography on April 27, 2009 by tatephoto

When Sarah and I got home from my afternoon shoots – we walked straight past BIRD and went into the house to throw our Papa Murphy’s pizza into the oven for dinner……. SoHo wanted to go outside so I picked him up and walked to the back porch to put him on his leash……

There….. I saw….. BIRD.

It looked like a baby bird but then it didn’t at all  – it just seemed “grown” but now that I look back – it may have been a baby bird, just seeing how fragile it was. I wasn’t sure if it was “trying to fly”…. and when I got Sarah to come check BIRD out, she said it looked sick because when we tried to give it food, it appeared asleep. I thought maybe because the sun was out and whatnot, it felt a bit hot/sleepy… but then when it started trying flap its wings, it opened its eyes….. but it also looked like it was convulsing to a point.

Of course, we’re calling the local vet, who refers us to another vet (emergency) in Baton Rouge, then who refers us to the LSU Vet Clinic where they have people on call. Finally, after an hour – they called but by the time, I had already wrapped up BIRD in a baby blue face cloth to kind of let it die wrapped up in warmth instead of flopping allover on its back. Once it died, I took it out and put it in a hole I dug up to bury it in. I didn’t want to bury it with the cloth because I’d much rather it decompose and interwine with the dirt itself – may sound cheesy, but yeah.. that.

I took some photos because I did think it looked peaceful and just thought it was sort of a nice way to show how you can try to do something, but when it fails on you – that it’s not always meant as failure – but a reason to continue life and going on about it how you want to. We only live once, so we have to cherish every moment of it.




Jess + red hair = SASSY!

Posted in art, change, friends, tate tullier photography, tate&sarah, women on March 12, 2009 by tatephoto

Jess had a gut instinct that it was finally time to dye her virgin hair another color. Sarah dyed it a red color (I forget the name) but we had fun after we ate some good gumbo. I wanted to do a before/in between/after kind of impromptu shoot. That was fun!

I love how her hair came out. She looks like a different lady with that sizzlin’ hot red hair.



Jess with her 24 year old blond hair!


Dye application = Freaked out Jess


Dye Art = Avante Garde


Jess + Red hair = SASSY!!!

img_8594Jess, Sarah, and I = fun times.

TTP unveils TateTullierProofs!

Posted in change, tate tullier photography, wedding on January 23, 2009 by tatephoto

I have been bullshitting around paying for this new addition to my “photography” stuff for a few months and doing nothing about it. I finally got myself a really nice proof viewing website. It’s all still got so much work but I am such an idiot when it comes to this kind of setup stuff so it’ll take me ages to finalize everything.

This is just for viewing photos for you as soon as I AM done with them and for clients to get a quick look while waiting to get their CD in the mail!

I am excited about improving my services day by day. I think this website gives a much cleaner look for my photographs than my Phanfare site. It’s easy to navigate and for clients who have personal sessions – I can put a password in on your folio if requested.

Enjoy the Ashton & Rebecca Wedding photos at this site – they mark my first wedding uploaded onto the site.


Eventually this proofviewing site will be linked to my main site at Tate Tullier Photography.

Have a great weekend!!!! I’m starting my 31st birthday celebration all weekend (it’s not till the 27th, but who the hell cares!)

Obama loves Apple

Posted in change with tags , , on November 13, 2008 by tatephoto

Maureen sent this in an email…….

“Obama is a mac user! whoo-hoo!!!!”

Obama loves Apple


Posted in change on November 13, 2008 by tatephoto

In the recent election that we all saw Obama winning the droolworthy slot of becoming our 44th president of the United States. Change is coming our way, or so he says.

I need change too. For the last five years, I’d been blogging over at I randomly signed up in 2004 because Shilpa & Smitha were hopping on that wagon, soon before I knew it – blogworld took over. Everyone was on Xanga. Spiffier blogsites came along – with being one of them. I attempted to start up a new on over there called Shot By Tate but I was just too deep into blogging for only my Xanga site. The Xanga craze has died down and I find myself not motivated any longer to blog on it. Being inspired by friends such as QueenAlpo – I’ve decided to break away from my old – and make new happen.

I have had experience using WordPress when I blogged for Mosdeux’s film. I loved how smooth it looked and how easy it seemed to use. In other words, that’s the reason for me joining this service – it’s easy to read, fresh on the eyes, and something new.

I certainly hope you’ll continue to follow my career via this site and keep on being such a great audience. I am going to continue to post my works on this site and I welcome any comments, opinions, and snide remarks.


an art installation @ the KKProjects event over the Prospect 1 weekend

Well, to move along into a new path – have a great weekend coming up! Keep your eyes peeled out for things you want to change in your life. Accept it, feel it, and make it happen.