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Posted in family, kids, tate tullier photography on July 22, 2009 by tatephoto

I got to do a photo session yesterday late afternoon with Brandi and her two boys! It was a quick session but when you just shoot and you know you hit the right shots – it can be fast, and yet still get some of the greatest shots ever! I graduated with Brandi from St. Amant High back in ’96 and hadn’t seen her in ages. She looks great!

Here’s a preview of her session yesterday.



IMG_3496 copy

IMG_3506 copy

IMG_3550 copy

Thanks Brandi, for the business!!!


Posted in baby, family, kids, old school, tate tullier photography on July 21, 2009 by tatephoto

Today I did two shoots – and my first being a session with the lovely twin sister duo of Heidi and Heather. I know Heidi from the deaf community here, and she’s the famous pregnant lady in the “pond” photo that was on my website for a good while.

Heidi since then has moved back to DC and is a counselor at Kendall. I met her twin sister, Heather and her family for the first time today. They are such a sweet bunch. We got some really awesome captures today and I just couldn’t resist but post a few edited ones.




IMG_3403 copy

Thanks y’all for the business!


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I had posted a preview on this set last month, and I finally finished them! I absolutely love how they came out. It was MAD HOT on this day in Louisiana when we did this session – which means, kids have much less patience so we were snapping away catching all kinds of different things. I love, love catching kids in their own “mood” and this is definitely what we got!

This group shot is SO funny. This was towards the end of our group shot, and the grump started coming out – but I think that always makes fun memorable photos. Not to get a thrill out of miserable kids, but isn’t it CUTE?


Here are some individual captures of each grandchild – gorgeous girls!

IMG_7777 copy


IMG_7797IMG_7801 copy


IMG_7882 copy

I could survive on this particular set of family’s business! They hire me so often – THANK YOU SO MUCH, y’all!


Posted in baby, family, kids, Sarah, tate tullier photography on July 16, 2009 by tatephoto

I am still madly in love with my old school look I’ve been applying to alot of my work. It is just absolutely dreamy to me!

Here are some shots from my shoot with The Raush family (Lani has hired me, what? 100 x’s already in the last few years and I am having so much fun documenting her family as they grow!). I love how the photos came out and we were all cringing because it was lightning, raining, etc outside but it actually cleared up right on the dot for our session! Perfect timing!!!!!

IMG_2244 copyallie

IMG_2252 copyemma

IMG_2296 copythe raush family!

Here’s a random set of shots I snapped of my wonderful wife, Sarah, while the Raush family was changing into their next outfits – I love them. I always start to take one, and she’s always game for a “serious weird pose” shot for me, then when she figures out I’m snapping away – she ALWAYS breaks out into that giggle fit. ALWAYS.




IMG_2267by the way, I prefer Sarah with a gap between her front two teeth.

Yokley Pre-Wedding Photos

Posted in family, friends, love, Sarah, wedding on July 7, 2009 by tatephoto

Here are some of the pre-wedding ceremony photos from Brent and Cynthia’s wedding in Denham Springs, Louisiana a bit over a month ago!



IMG_2533 copy













My eyes are bugging out. I’m turning in the edit roll for the night. I’ll be up tomorrow bright and early to finish up the Yokley wedding – so expect some more blogs!! 😉

The Denley Gang!

Posted in baby, family, friends, kids, love, tate tullier photography on June 30, 2009 by tatephoto

I did Ashlie, James, Luke, & Gabe back in May around the house and we got some really great stuff! They’re a photogenic bunch!

Thanks guys for the business!!! Hard to believe it’ll be your one year anniversary this August already!



IMG_1512 copy



IMG_1541 copy

IMG_1552 copy


IMG_1611 copy




IMG_9723 copy

IMG_9736 copy

IMG_9764 copy

Thanks to Sarah for doing Ashlie’s hair/makeup!

Granny’s Girls!

Posted in baby, family, kids, tate tullier photography on June 25, 2009 by tatephoto

I did this session with six girls last Friday in our unbelievable HOT Louisiana weather but everyone was a great sport! These girls are cousins – and they’re just all SO pretty. I had shot their group last year as well (or was it two years ago, Lani?).

Kaye is the grandmother of all lil girls – They all call her Granny and that just brings wonderful warm feelings back for me since I called my mother’s mother Granny too. We had the same birthday as well!

I’m also really experimenting with some new actions and trying to get some cool looks. I love the last two – I like how the colors POP where the faces are, and it’s a bit smudgy on the outsides… darker…. I may do this for a career but I NEVER stop learning. I never stop trying new things. My clients CAN count on that!




More to come, of course………….