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Letter from TTP : July 2009

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Sent this out via my group on Facebook –

Hey y’all,

It’s been a while since I sent out a message to everyone in this group – and guess where I am now, on a plane! AirTran now offers wifi service and it is NIICCEE! It feels so strange being able to get online and kill time on an airplane but so be it, no complaints here. If I flew everyday, I’d get so much work done – not being able to really move around much in these plane seats.

I won’t blab too much but what a crazy summer its been so far! I have several things going on for me these days.

Wedding season has definitely kicked in for me at the end of May and it’s been pretty much nonstop since then. Last month was nice, being able to do four local weddings in a ROW! I so accustomed to being home, then once I had to start the jet-setting life again – I wasn’t happy about it. Now that I’ve been flying tons, I’m just used to it allover again.

A few notable things have come up since the last time I sent out a message.

1. Purple has chosen me as one of their ten trailzblazers so that’s been a really nice thing to happen. Please go to the website and vote for me/the LSD kids. If I get the most votes, I will get 10k for the charity of my choice. LSD is who I chose – and if that 10k happens – it’s definitely for the after school program to bring back theater and other interesting cool art related things. PLEASE go to this link to check out the ten trailblazers and VOTE for me/the LSD kiddos!

2. Since that honor has come my way, I’ve been fortunate to garner up some local attention and got some press in the local Baton Rouge newspaper. Front page of the People section, check it out!

3. Another local press is the magazine, 225 – it’s Baton Rouge’s hip magazine. Jeff Roedel interviewed me yesterday for their October issue! How flattering. I did feel silly when doing the interview. I don’t know what it is, but I always feel so silly talking about myself…..

4. I have a new photoblog in the works and it is going to WHOP all my previous/current one OUT DA WATER. I can’t wait to have some more time to work on it. I also have another “website” that will be attached to that site, to promote mainly only my wedding works. All that needs to be done, and will be done eventually!

I’m about to land into Atlanta for my layover to Orlando. I will be shooting Alssa and Matt’s wedding Saturday. Next week, it’s off to NorCal to shoot Julie and Jay Gate’s wedding in Placerville. After that – it’ll be a few days around SF and Fremont, staying with some friends….. if you’re interested in a shooot, I’ll see if we CAN work it out!

Austin is coming up too – will be shooting a wedding on a thursday the first week of Austin. Will be around for a few days after as well.

Best wishes and I can never thank any of you enough for all your continued support and business!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!!
Tate – TTP!


Brooke White’s Radio Radio Video

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This video features Brooke White who was a contestant on one of the previous American Idol seasons. While she was on the show, I just fell in love with her. She has a natural charm that just appeals to me, and many (I assume!)

I know I can’t hear ONE sound or even comprehend what Radio Radio is about but from watching this video – it’s all about how the radio is a universal appreciation and EVERYONE who listens to it does so for different reasons. It’s a touching video.

What the radio is to the majority of hearing people – is American Sign Language to the majority of deaf people……….



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I had a blast up in Faribault, Minnesota for the Sabrina/Steve wedding festivities. They’re definitely the MOST ACTIVE couple I’ve ever had to keep up with! Upon landing into Minnesota, I got a page saying “Paintball?!?” which I declined because I knew I was so worn out and just needed to chill back. I stayed with Lisa and Sonny Wasilowski the entire weekend (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!) and it was great seeing Gallaudet friends after a good while. That evening, I went “out” to Bashers/Spike with the bride and two of her bridesmaids – we had a ball. The next day was rehearsal, sand volleyball, rehearsal BBQ, Softball game, and more partying at the parksite. Saturday was the big day!!! From 11am to midnight – it was on the GO GO GO GO! We all had a blast and I really was pleasantly surprised with how unique their ceremony was. They are both BIG basketball fans and they incorporated the MSAD gym into it. Their Mistress of Ceremonies/Announcer did the introductions of the wedding party as if introducing the players before a basketball game. The scoreboard had 7-11 (home/guest) to represent their wedding date of July 11th! At the end, Steve had to do a layup at the basketball goal. It was absolutely charming!

Here are some random photos I edited quickly for a preview for S/S and y’all! Enjoy them. I’ll be crazy busy today till Wednesday working on June edits before taking off to Florida for Alyssa and Matt’s wedding on Thursday. CRRAAAZZYYY.





IMG_0550Sabrina, the bride, snapped this shot of me with the Tate Hall sign. It’s an old bulding on the school’s campgrounds, cool – huh?

IMG_0568First time Sabrina and Steve see one another (on the steps of TATE hall!)










IMG_2118Me with the wedding couple! (notice the words on the wall – LOL)


IMG_2172I loved their sense of humor – here’s them hanging at the end of the night, all DONE!



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Sorry, RJ.


Just some Tullier snaps….

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Just a couple things……..

A series of me – I like how this turned out!


Here’s Sarah this late afternoon with my dinner in her hands. I am so grateful at least one of US knows how to cook a decent meal. The herb chicken and potatoes were a success – delicious!!IMG_0620a

Here’s the photo I had in mind to take for the Alzheimer’s Gala this Sunday! I finally got around to it – so now need to print it, frame it, and get it to my parents who keep hounding me for it. I did this specifically for the Alzheimer’s event. Come BID on it!!!!!!!AlzPhotoAuction

Here’s a snap Sarah shot of me on the bed with SoHo watching So You Think You Can Dance!IMG_0152a

Anyway – I love my house, my wife, my dog, my cat, my bed, my tv……. Life is what you make it, and this is what I’m making mine! Happy.


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Everyone that knows us well are very aware that we’re both TUB addicts. We never shower. Even if we have to “rush” – we “rush tub it”.

I have always loved taking photos of us in tubs, others in tubs, and whatnot – Tubs are great for photos!

Here are some photos of our tub area, and me going under the water, and two very important companions that keep me company when I take baths.












Take baths, they’re good for the body & soul.

Inventing Adam Extra

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I did the “extra” thing for an indie film called Inventing Adam this past Thursday. I love being on movie sets but as an extra, I don’t think so. That was definitely the last time I’d give up a full day of just sitting around. If it were easy enough to just say, “call me when you’re ready for me, and I’ll come over” – then NOT a problem! But, in the movie world, that’s just impossible because with all the time constraints and the possibility of scene filming changes, you just have to be around all day for WHEN they DO need you.

I don’t regret doing it at all, but it’d definitely be hard to get me to do it again – maybe for a different kind of movie….. but, eh.

Got some cool shots around the area @ the Glynns in St. Francisville – I always love taking photos around a movie set – brings back the memories of when I did those two films for Mosdeux!










IMG_9643the director of the film